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If you were buying auto insurance... would you only call one provider? We compare auto protection policies from the leading companies in the industry. Then you will be shown the lowest cost options with the most coverage and protection.

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  • Wholesale Pricing Without Sacrificing Quality
  • Comparative Shopping
  • Customer Service - Online and Off

Simply stated, you will not find a better car warranty priced less anywhere. A more expensive policy does not mean a better one. We stand behind our affiliates who take less profit margin due to the efficiencies obtained with Internet marketing. Our vehicle protection coverage providers come from some of the most reliable companies in the industry that have impeccable records of fairness. We know this because Discount Warranties confirms that none of the companies have any unresolved complaints filed against them.

Find the best car protection plan for your sedan, SUV or pick-up truck.
Find answers to all your service contract questions.
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"How much should my coverage really cost me?" See extended auto warranty prices here. Let us help you find a protection plan for your used or new car at a price you can afford. Payment plan option is also available.

Wholesale prices without sacrificing the quality from Discount Warranties

Our wholesale pricing approach was the reason for naming the company Discount Warranties, but we will not sacrifice quality for a cheaper protection policy. Our company relies on a customer's satisfaction to be our biggest marketing voice.

Our website is loaded with informative resources. So take your time to learn more, to help you make an informed decision.

  • It Is Safe
    We only work with companies that are A-rated by the Better Business Bureau, backed by AM Best rated insurance companies and have been in the business for many years. After buying a new or used car, you can be confident in the road ahead of you.
  • It Is Convenient
    All issues related to your vehicle's reliability and filing a claim will be resolved as soon as possible. You'll be working with experts in the industry. In addition, all problems will be solved without your participation.
  • It Is Quick
    The companies we work with make every effort to take care of your case in the shortest reasonable time.

PLEASE NOTE: Vehicle Service Contract is commonly referred to as an "extended auto warranty" or "breakdown insurance," however, it is not a warranty. A Vehicle Service Contract provides repair coverage for your automobile after factory protection plan expires; it is a contract between you and a policy provider that lists covered repairs.

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