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What to Do Before Selling Your Car

by , Auto Protection Specialist

Some years back, selling your car used to be a very easy task. You just needed to park it at some place and have a sticker on it reading “for sale”. Things have totally changed. The buyer and the seller have tools, which have been designed to make the process easier, safer and faster. However, you need to put some things to practice if you want to get a good amount of money from selling your car.

  1. Use a good photo. Nowadays, many people use the internet to sell their cars. You require a visual medium that will enable potential clients to access your car. Have your car photographed from all corners. You can do that personally, or if your camera skills are low, get a professional to do it. The main purpose of doing this is to answer the clients’ questions before they can come and see the car in person.
  2. Spend less on repairs. This tends to be a personal choice for many. You may choose to sell your car with a long list of things, which need to be fixed before advertising it. The most important thing here is moderation. No client would like to buy a car and immediately start sending it to the mechanic. However, this does not mean that you go overboard. It’s not necessary for you to spend money on fixing minor things. In case you have any doubt, it advisable to seek advice from your mechanic.
  3. Have your car clean always. This may sound obvious, but a clean car is always attractive and easy to sell unlike a dirty one. The main objective here is to appeal to people who like buying new things. Only a few people may want to buy a car that shows someone else was living in it. It may require you to have paint cleaning and polishing done on it. You may choose to do this yourself and get pure profit or hire someone to do it and end up spending more. Whichever way you choose, the most important thing to note is that presenting a clean car to a client makes it easier to convince them that it’s worth the amount you’re telling them.
  4. Commercialize the car yourself. A salesperson may be so friendly but don’t consider selling your car through them. The dealer will not give you the correct amount of money that your car is worth. The profit margin that lies on a car resale is quit little, and involving a salesperson means that the margin goes even lower. However, if you can afford to spend several dollars in order to have convenience, well and good.
  5. Be timely. In most cases, the client doesn’t take purchasing a car so lightly. You as the seller may not think that the month in which you're selling the car is important but it is. In any case, it would not be good to sell your car during winter when fewer people are able to come and access it. It wouldn’t be good also to sell your car at the end of the month when bills are due, and many people don’t have any cash ready. If the car you're selling needs road test, ensure that the weather is good for the test.
  6. Always be prepared. Clients' may come at any time wanting to have a road test. It’s not good for the clients to wait as you dash to the garage to collect the car. Ensure you have the car records with you and avoid the embarrassment of having to look for them as the client waits.
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PLEASE NOTE: Vehicle Service Contract is commonly referred to as an "extended auto warranty" or "breakdown insurance," however, it is not a warranty. A Vehicle Service Contract provides repair coverage for your automobile after factory protection plan expires; it is a contract between you and a policy provider that lists covered repairs.