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How Much Should Extended Car Warranty Cost

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Value for your dollar from a trusted company is often more important than just finding the cheapest warranty. Good coverage at an affordable price is the best formula.

How Much Should it Cost

There is no universal pricing strategy that companies use to determine the cost of a protection policy. However, if you would like to get an idea about how much an average policy costs click on the car make to see what many are paying. Financing is offered by most vehicle service providers; you can choose to pay for your protection policy monthly, similar to auto insurance.

Here you can find an estimated price of a protection plan for your vehicle.*

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Extended auto warranties can give you peace of mind if a vehicle breakdown occurs because they can pay for a large portion of eligible repairs. If you are considering buying one of these policies, you are probably wondering how much these policies costs. Typically, these plans can cost as low as $900 and as high as $3,000. Before buying one, it’s important to understand what factors affect price and how you can negotiate for better rates.

First, there are multiple factors that will determine the cost of your extended auto warranty. While each policy provider may have specific ways to determine premium costs, here are some factors most use:

How to Save Money

These factors can help you understand how providers determine premium cost. Meanwhile, when you are ready to buy a cheap auto warranty, here are some tips to help you save money:

  1. First, you have options as to where you can buy your policy. While car dealerships sell these policies they tend to mark them up so they can make some profit on them. With this in mind, it’s usually less expensive to buy directly from the policy provider.
  2. Before selecting a provider, do some research on a handful of companies to find out which are the most reputable ones. This can help you locate the best policy providers available.
  3. Once you have selected a few, call them to find out their types of coverage, which parts they cover in each and how much each plan costs. This will give you an idea of the types of coverage each provider offers and which ones offer the best price.
  4. Armed with this information, you can select the best provider and call them to set up the policy. If a competing provider offers a lower rate you can negotiate with the company to see if they can match this quote or at least drop their price on their initial offer. While you are on the phone with them, ask them if they have any discounts available. Many providers offer a first-time discount as well as discounts for students, seniors or military personnel. Since many companies don’t divulge this information it’s up to you to ask.

To recap, auto extended warranties are great to have because they can pay for unexpected breakdowns. By comparison shopping between providers, you can spot the right provider and the right plan for you. Furthermore, when you negotiate between competitors and ask for discounts, it can help you receive an even better rate for your warranty.

To receive a more precise and personalized quote, simply fill out the form. We will then research your vehicle and submit your request to our list of qualified auto service contract providers. You will then receive one email directly from the coverage provider of choice, within 24hrs.

*Note: Rates may vary by vehicle's age, price, mileage, level of coverage, driving habits, etc.

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